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Meet Our CEO & Founder



I don't think we've met yet. My name is Jaqueza Thomas, and I am eighteen years old. I am the CEO and Founder of HeartLess, LLC. I was born and raised on the South Side of Chicago, Illinois. My clothing brand has been in business for about two years now, and I'm excited to be here. This clothing line is not only a brand, but it is the start of something new. My goal behind it all is to change the narrative surrounding the term "heartless" and to influence as many of the youth as possible by providing young entrepreneurs like myself with advice and mentorship.

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My Story

I started this clothing brand when I was only fifteen years old. It was an idea from an ex-friend. Recently, I had experienced a traumatic loss in my family, which I am still going through, and so I wanted to use my creativity to create something in honor of my cousin, Kentray Young, who had been killed by gun violence in Chicago. This made me look at life differently and I experienced many different emotions. This is how my brand name "Heartless" came about. However, I do not want people to think of my brand as negative, so I try to reinterpret the term "heartless" within my brand and make it into something positive. I provide business advice to other up-and-coming young entrepreneurs, mentor the youth in my community, give motivational speeches at events, and much more. But to answer most people's questions and thoughts, no, I did not create this brand because someone broke my heart.

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I am always looking for new and exciting opportunities.

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